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About the Nebraska Association of Bed & Breakfast

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The establishments listed on this website are located in cities, towns, and villages or on farms and ranches. They range from historic homes furnished with antiques to contemporary homes with the latest technology to cabins in the country with room for horses and MORE. Many are family homes as well as businesses. All B&Bs have met basic codes mandated by the state and have undergone an on-site review by NABB.

Some B&Bs feature full meal service or can arrange food service. Others offer special features such as hot tubs, whirlpools, meeting facilities, and other unique recreational opportunities.

The rates listed are for two people and most include a full breakfast. Prices do not include state and local taxes and are subject to change. Some rates vary by season. Please ask about accommodations for children and pets.

Reservations are needed Ask about deposit and cancellation policies in advance.

All establishments strive to provide convenience, special services, warmth, and genuine caring to their guests.

What is a Bed & Breakfast?

By tradition, bed and breakfast is an overnight stay in a private home or small inn where the traveler is treated more like a guest than a source of income. The bed and breakfast concept is a way for people to get to know each other and have a bit of adventure, as well as providing a night’s lodging and a morning meal in a unique atmosphere.

Bed and breakfast accommodations can range from a suite in a luxurious mansion to a simple room in a farm home. B&Bs range in size from one or two rooms in a family home to 9 rooms in a restored historic hotel. All meet the basic needs of comfort and cleanliness but go much beyond this in the area of warmth and hospitality.

For more information, call 1-877-223-6222 (NABB).

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