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Unique Turn Down Amenities

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Unique Turn Down Amenities

Have We Evolved Past Chocolates on the Pillow?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sarrah Candee
Turndown Aphorism at Morgans Hotels
Turndown Aphorism at Morgans Hotels

With haute hotel design making a comeback, long and drawn out hotel renovations finally getting off the ground, and true luxury making a comeback, there is still one question that remains: With all of the expansive changes being made to positively impact guests, what happened to one of the simplest hotel pleasures from long ago – the turndown amenity? Have we evolved passed chocolates on the pillow, or are we not there yet? With that question in mind, the following hotels are doing their part to raise the bar for incorporating creative turndown amenities into their guests’ experience.

The Benjamin hotel in midtown Manhattan is a boutique hotel luxury that guarantees a good night’s sleep to their guests, so its no wonder they have an impressive choice of turn down amenities. As part of its Sleep program, the hotel features a 12 choice-pillow menu and Sleep Concierge that will work with guests prior to arrival to personalize the sleep experience. The Sleep Concierge helps guest select the perfect pillow, aromatherapy fragrance, or even bedtime snack at turn down, and they also ensure that special attention is given to their youngest guests.

“Being in a new environment or the excitement of traveling sometimes makes it challenging for kids to fall asleep,” said The Benjamin’s Sleep Concierge Anya Orlanska. “We drew from The Benjamin’s 10 years of sleep expertise to create Winks’ Kidzzz Club.”

Winks’ Kidzzz Club amenities include the use of a sound pillow and audio bedtime stories and Kidzzz Club robes. Children also receive a Winks doll, and milk and cookie turndown.

Morgans Hotel Group recently launched a global partnership with The School of Life, which will include a series of bespoke amenities and initiatives that also tie into their turndown service.

“The School of Life represents the best of creative and cutting edge thinking,” said Morgans Hotel Group’s Creative Director and SVP of Marketing Kim Walker. “We are committed to offering our guests a stimulating and authentic experience. This exciting partnership will compliment the unique cultural offering that we deliver to our guests in design, food, nightlife and events.”

Starting in January, guests at all Morgans properties will be treated to a Daily Aphorism card at turndown service. Offering insights from some of the greatest literary minds, guests are encouraged to expand their minds by pondering and discussing the wisdom of words such as Samuel Beckett’s “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail better” before bedtime.

One of New York’s most unique luxury hotels, The Surrey, takes a slightly different approach to turndown. Instead of creating standard turndown amenities, The Surrey creates unique moments and specially crafted amenities for guests based on their personality and preferences. This can include surprising a guest with a favorite dessert by Café Boulud at turndown or providing a nighttime in-room cocktail service to celebrate a special occasion stay.

In addition to honoring the traditional holidays with turndown amenities, The Surrey provides their guests with unexpected treats for occasions such as Golden Week and The Armory Show and other exclusive neighborhood happenings at museums, boutiques, and the Spa at The Surrey.

Whether you are visiting The Benjamin, Morgans’ Hotels, or The Surrey, all of these turndown amenities are definitely much sweeter than traditional chocolate on the pillow.

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