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Travel: the Original Social Media

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Travel: the Original Social Media
Dear Fellow Traveler,

In recent weeks the world has witnessed unprecedented change roll across the Middle East, as a revolution in one country, aided at least in part by the burgeoning power of social media, helped spark a revolt in another country (again aided by social media), which helped spark yet another, and so on. These events remind us that today, thanks to technology, we are interconnected as never before in human history.

While the growing power and influence of social media across the globe is striking and undeniable, it’s worth noting that a force similar in many ways to today’s social media has for millennia shaped our cultures and our history. Since long before Marco Polo returned to Venice to tell his fantastical tales of 24 years spent in the East, travel has served as a catalyst for the dispersion of ideas and ideals across the globe.

Travel, it could even be argued, is the original social media. Like social media at its best, travel at its best deepens our understanding of the world around us and creates bridges of understanding between both individuals and cultures.

Ultimately, whether travel (or social media, for that matter) is a force for good or ill depends entirely on us. Will it help lift millions out of poverty or will it simply further enrich a fortunate few? Will it contribute to the lasting conservation of our planet’s remaining great wildernesses, or help hasten their demise?

We at Sustainable Travel International fervently believe that travel can be a force for good in the world because we’ve seen it with our own eyes, again and again; important conservation projects funded by tourism revenue, local people empowered by decent jobs and educational opportunities created by tourism, and the connection and understanding engendered by the simple power of a smile and a handshake.

If you are a travel provider and you share our belief that travel can and should have a positive impact on our world, we’d love to talk to you about how our programs can help you operate more sustainably. Or, if you’d prefer, just scroll down and register for our upcoming free webinar ” Sustainable Tourism 201 – Putting Pencil to Paper” on March 22nd to learn more.

Safe and happy travels,

Matt Kareus
Director of Marketing

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