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Brochure Swap

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

This purpose of this NEBTOUR notice is to help you drop off your travel literature at the Interstate 80 visitor information centers during the 2012 Nebraska Travel Association (NETA) Brochure Swap at the Dawson County Fairgrounds (100 Plum Creek Parkway) in Lexington on May 17, 2012.


Vacation guides from the staffed Nebraska Tourism Division information centers will be on hand to take your brochures for distribution during the 2012 travel season.


Please keep the following guidelines and hints in mind to have a successful drop off:


1.      Keep track of how many brochures you give to each information center at this year’s Brochure Swap. This will give you a good idea of how many to bring at next year’s swap.


2.      If you’ve never previously attended a Brochure Swap, and are unsure how many brochures to drop off, a good range to begin with is 50-100. If the vacation guides need more throughout the season, give them a contact person to call to request additional supplies.


3.      Storage space at the information centers is limited. Vacation guides can decline to accept the number of brochures you want to drop off if they have no room to store large quantities of them, or if they feel their center will not go through as many brochures as you’re dropping off.


4.       When choosing which information centers to give your literature to, give it only to those centers heading in your direction, not to those past your location. For example, if your attraction is in Omaha, give your literature to the eastbound information centers, not the westbound ones.


5.      Newsprint literature must be boxed and brochures/magazines must be either boxed or bundled together.


For more information about the Interstate 80 information center brochure drop off: Micheal Collins (402.471.3795,


For more information and to register for the 2012 NETA Brochure Swap, visit the Nebraska Travel Association’s Web site:


Micheal Collins

Tel: 402.471.3795


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