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It’s All About Delivering the Experience!

Monday, December 12th, 2011

It’s All About Delivering the Experience!

Customers want what they want when they want it. The idea is to bundle it all together and get them to pay for access to experiences they’d never have otherwise without your help.

Most Bed and Breakfast owners are experts in delivering that experience. Go to and get some advice from other B&B innkeepers and collaborate with each other!

Calling All Bloggers!

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Calling All Bloggers!

We want to give you, the experts, a chance to showcase your inn and area in timely blog articles. Think current and in the news. For example, gas prices. Do you have ideas for a gas free vacation (or one that’s light on gas?) Are you less than a one tank round-trip from a major city? Is your inn a destination in itself? Want to stay away from talking about gas prices, what about an article on an event in your area featuring your inn as the place to stay? Is your inn environmentally friendly? Write an Earth Day article. Click “read more” for guidelines and suggestions and write away. We’ll post as many as we can on our blog and if yours is selected, we’ll credit you.

Here is a template to use when writing this blog to make sure you get your message across:

Title – Please do not include your inn name. Title should be catchy and keywords are good.

Body Suggestions

  1. Establish what type of getaway it is:
    • Car-Free
    • One Tank Trip
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • Staycation
    • Anything else of value or interest
  2. Where is this vacation to; describe the area and the experience. Be sure to include:
    • Local attractions accessible without a car, or a very short drives away
    • Activities
    • Famous landmarks
    • Anything unique
  3. How to include your inn (Where to stay on this trip)
    • Talk about your Inn
    • You know this part, but try to include anything else you’re doing in support of the topic
  4. Conclusion
    • Here’s where you reconnect to your first paragraph, reaffirming the type of vacation it is and why it’s so cool!
    • For further information direct readers to find additional inns or getaways on BnBFinder (we can add this for you)

When discussing your inn, you do not have to offer a discount. Sometimes packages are more interesting when they show added value and give compelling reasons to stay at your inn. Please don’t just copy and paste an article that you’ve used somewhere else, according to Google duplicate content is harmful to search results, which is something nobody wants. Lastly, write a sentence about yourself that we can include in the byline. Here’s an example:

This blog was contributed by Mary Catherine Gallagher, the innkeeper at the Superstar Bed and Breakfast and Lemming Ranch. In her spare time, Mary Catherine trains lions!1

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