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A Note from Mary White

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

A Note from Mary White

Ever wonder what your guests think? Do they think your fabulous breakfasts magically appear and your special touches just happen or are some curious about what goes on behind the scenes? Do you ever think “If they only knew…” Only knew how hard you worked? Ever knew that so much multitasking goes on it’s a wonder everything comes together? Have any idea what your own living quarters look like? I would never dare to compare running a B&B to running a B&B directory because they are not the same; however, they are similar in the fact that to produce a quality bed & breakfast directory, a lot of heavy lifting goes on behind the scenes 24/7/365. I know many innkeepers are surprised at how it all comes together. A constant theme at conferences when I review listings with innkeepers is “I had no idea that comes with my listing.” So, I thought I’d take you behind the scenes, and in doing so I hope you develop a greater appreciation for what we do for you and also learn about a few more features you can or should take advantage of to make your listing even more valuable. Not all B&Bs are the same and not all directories are the same. I want you to get the most out of what we offer with as little effort as possible because you have a lot going on behind the scenes and so do we.

Help With All Powerful Google And SEO. Links are not created equal. Links from quality directories, like, are important in your own SEO and Google placement so we don’t just take your payment and put a listing online. We take the time to be sure all new and renewal listings are carefully matched to your Google Places page so you receive maximum benefit from your links. Google doesn’t reveal many of the hundreds of factors that go into their ranking algorithm, but one we do know is matching your inn name, address and phone number with your Google Places listing which is why we automatically check and match this for you. Another ranking factor we know is to avoid duplicate content; so, we also make sure your listing is not an exact match of your website without compromising on keyword placement which is important in SEO ranking. Then, we make sure we give you as many natural looking links to your website as we can because quality inbound links are super important. While our primary purpose is to put heads in your beds, we can easily help you with your organic SEO placement when done correctly (and we do it all for you).

Mobile Website. By next year it is predicted that more web searches will be done on smartphones then on PCs, so we automatically direct mobile guests to your inn’s information on mobile-ready pages. Without it guests would probably click off, but instead they click to you. It’s amazing to me that the other top directories have not created a mobile site. It’s seamless; there’s nothing to download and nothing extra for you or the guest to do. Because it’s automatic, mobile guests find you and your inn’s information quickly at no extra cost to you.

Powerful PR. No other company, directory or otherwise, works as hard to promote your inn and our industry. Each morning the PR team reviews all new packages added the previous day; this means you should add them. Even though the guest may not book the exact package, they look at these pages and so does our PR team and the media (to find out more read “From the Press Room” below). Big exposure for your inn can start simply with a package listed on our Specials page. Here’s a great example: The team aggressively pitched gas-saving packages to the media and it was picked up for a story in USA Today. The paper’s TV affiliate in St. Louis, KSDK Channel 5, wanted to build out the story locally; so, we worked with the reporter and found an inn located in the St. Louis area to interview about their gas-saving specials. The station also posted an accompanying article about gas savings on their website and linked to four other inns with packages that are driving distance from St. Louis and the gas saving specials page on What started off as one package listed on our “Gas Savings & One Tank Trips” specials page resulted in national and local print, online and TV exposure for our inns and the innkeeper!

The team is constantly scouring to source ideas for media pitches, articles, interesting social networking posts and information to respond to media queries. They actively reach out and get to know editors of both large and small outlets to spread the word about your inn and our industry. Our inns are featured on TV, in national and local newspapers and in magazines such as O, The Oprah Magazine, because of these efforts. The team and I write numerous articles monthly for our site and for many other websites and magazines. The media comes to us as a leading bed and breakfast content provider; so, with the minimal effort of scanning this newsletter monthly you can take advantage of this major undertaking.

No Nickel and Diming.

  • We don’t have extra charges. We never charge for customer service but we do monitor your support requests 24/7/365, something I have never heard of happening at any other directory. If you ever have a problem, email and we’ll respond to you even on nights, weekends and holidays.
  • We keep our prices as low as possible. We understand you run a small business, and even with all of our features and enhancements we have not raised prices since 2004.
  • We reimburse you more than other popular gift certificate programs (85%) while making sure we are sending you qualified B&B guests by only offering the certificates on our website. I find it strange that innkeepers will consider high commission promotions such as Living Social and Online Reservations, yet they aren’t part of this program. Don’t get me wrong; done correctly the other programs can be effective for many inns, but first login or email us to make sure you are a part of this low-cost extra promotion for your inn.
  • If you use an availability system, we’ll link to it with no extra costs; same goes for your own mobile website. You can update this information anytime because you have full access to update everything about your inn. If you need help, just let us know.

No Commissions. We send the guests directly to you. Because the guests book directly with you, it might make it hard to track your BnBFinder listing performance since the guests don’t book on And, when asked guests tell you they found your inn “on Google” or “on the Internet;” yet, we are sending them directly to you with no commissions. No matter how you look at it, that’s a great deal for you. We do keep very accurate traffic reports (available to you anytime in your account) and would be more than happy to review them with you at renewal or anytime to show how guests are interacting and finding you on BnBFinder. This is important because guests don’t tell you and you have a lot of advertising choices.

No Outside Ads or Distractions. It’s all about you and getting the guests to you, so we don’t sell outside ads or offer guests deals to book with other inns. This would be very profitable for us, but our focus is on YOU.

I know we provide each and every inn a great value as an adverting choice. Many of our efforts may be happening behind the scenes, but I challenge you to find a directory that puts more hard work and effort into promoting your inn.

It’s a privilege and a pleasure to promote your inn and as always I welcome your feedback.

Gov. Heineman Declares May 8 – 16 as ‘See Nebraska Week’

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

(Lincoln, Neb.) Gov. Dave Heineman today kicked-off ‘See Nebraska Week,’ which runs from May 8 to 16 and encourages Nebraskans and other travelers to learn more about vacation options in Nebraska. Several new tourism campaigns were developed this year to promote opportunities for summer travel across the state.

“We want to encourage more Nebraskans and their families to take advantage of travel opportunities throughout the state,” Gov. Heineman said. “Visiting a site along one of our nine scenic byways or exploring our state’s history on a road trip will lend the traveler not just an off-the-beaten-path experience, but a summer full of memories.”

Travelers in Nebraska spent more than $3.7 billion in Nebraska on overnight trips in 2009, and annual spending in the state has increased by more than $2 billion since 1990. Nebraska’s tourism industry provides more than 42,000 jobs and is the third leading industry in the state.

The Nebraska Byways Passport program highlights the many destinations along the state’s scenic byways. Travelers are encouraged to pick up a souvenir passport at one of 27 participating locations along Nebraska’s nine scenic byways and collect stamps from each location visited for a chance to win a prize.

The Division of Travel and Tourism has also created a program encouraging young people to help plan their family vacation. The History Along Nebraska’s Byways program supplements the Nebraska history curriculum offered to fourth graders and will be distributed to 1,140 schools across the state. Designed with the help of educators, the materials include a Nebraska map with icons for various historical locations across the state, a Nebraska byway history video and classroom activities including crafts, worksheets, interactive games, and field trip activities. Subjects include state symbols, American Indians, map reading, explorers, pioneers, forts and military bases, among other topics. More information is available online at

The division is also offering a new RVNebraska brochure with information to make the most of a trip along Nebraska’s scenic byways, including details on campgrounds along byway routes and top attractions.

Nebraska remains one of the most cost-effective destinations in the nation for travelers. AAA consistently names Nebraska one of the top five most affordable vacation destinations in the United States, with average daily vacation costs for a family of four well below the national average.

Richard Baier, Director of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, said, “Nebraska offers travelers great value and great attractions. After a long winter, this summer is a good time to get out and see a new part of the state.”

Travelers can find interactive maps, road trip ideas, trip planners and more online at

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