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Holiday travel: 29% will cut trip short or shack up with relatives, poll says

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Holiday travel: 29% will cut trip short or shack up with relatives, poll says

By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY

The economy may not keep holiday revelers at home this holiday season, but odds are high that if you are traveling, you”re probably eager to save a buck or two.

A new poll, in fact, says that 29% of holiday travelers say they’ll cut their trip short or even shack up with family and friends to avoid a hotel bill.

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Other holiday travel patterns highlighted in AOL Travel’s new poll of 1,001 Internet users who will travel for the holidays this year:

* 40% say the economy is “somewhat” affecting their plans, while 18% believe the economy affected them “very much.”
* 55% say they’ll cut back on expensive activities due to the economy.
* 70% say they’ve had their holiday plans disrupted by airline delays and cancellations with almost 7% never actually making it to their destinations.

Regardless of the money saving strategies that many travelers will deploy this year, travel experts still expect a big holiday travel season this year.

Holiday travel spending is expected to increase by nearly $4 billion this year vs. last year to near pre-recession levels, USA TODAY has reported. Another poll by Maritz Research Hospitality Group says that 28% of Americans plan to travel between Thanksgiving and New Year’s – that’s up from 23% last year. And despite the desire to save money, the Maritz poll said these travelers plan to spend an average of $349, or 41%, more on their holiday travel vs. last year.

The AOL Travel survey was survey conducted by Data Specialists between Nov. 2 and Nov. 5.

Readers: Are you trying to save a few bucks when on the road this holiday season? If so, what’s your strategy?

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