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The Importance of Ecotourism By Governor Dave Heineman

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The Importance of Ecotourism

By Governor Dave Heineman

March 26, 2012


Dear Fellow Nebraskans:


Last week, I was pleased host Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas and Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado as we met to discuss common efforts and issues related to ecotourism and economic development. In addition to discussing tourism efforts, my colleagues and I had the opportunity to view the world-renowned migration of the sandhill cranes, a significant ecotourism attraction in Nebraska.


From mid-February to mid-April each year, visitors to the Platte River valley in south-central Nebraska can enjoy the migration of 90 percent of the world’s sandhill cranes. Our location along the central flyway provides wildlife watchers the opportunity to experience the annual migration of 500,000 Sandhill cranes as they stop along a 40 mile stretch of the Platte River en route to their summer breeding grounds in Canada, Alaska and Siberia.


The abundance of rivers and waterways in our state create excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation. Our amazing state parks also play a vital role in attracting visitors. Nebraska offers a range of landscapes from pine-covered bluffs in the northwest to the rolling Sandhills and prairie grasslands of central Nebraska. There are unique and picturesque rock formations in western Nebraska, scenic river communities along the Missouri River and acres of wide open range and pastureland in between.


Ecotourism is vital in Nebraska where 97 percent of the land is privately owned. Forging partnerships with private land owners are critical in providing access to our beautiful landscapes and bountiful hunting opportunities.


According to statistics gathered by the Nebraska Division of Tourism and Travel in the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Nebraskans and visitors to Nebraska together made more than 19 million trips in the state in 2010 to destinations 100 miles or more away from home. Travelers spent nearly $4 billion in Nebraska during 2010 on day trips more than 100 miles away and trips with overnight stays. Annual spending on these trips has increased by $2.3 billion since 1990. Jobs attributable to travel in Nebraska totaled more than 45,000 in 2010. For trips by visitors, the leading states of origin were Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Missouri and South Dakota.


Together with hunting, fishing, birding, camping, hiking, and biking, opportunities for outdoor recreation are some of the fastest growing segments of our tourism industry. Growth in all these areas is helping to make Nebraska a tourism destination. In addition, visitors experience all the great things Nebraska has to offer, and then spread the word to friends and family members. I look forward to continued growth in ecotourism across our state.

B&B Traveler

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Dear B&B Traveler,

More than 10,000 travelers are expected to attend the sixth annual B&B Expo on March 19 and 20 in Brussels, Belgium.

By reserving by January 31, you can get a prominent location in the group stand for only 460€, a 15% discount off the regular rates. To reserve, email today; be sure to identify yourself as a member to get this special rate! members also get a 10% discount for their ad in the B&B Expo magazine, in addition to being mentioned in the ad.

The Expo has grown in the number of exhibitors and visitors each year, with over 10,000 visitors in 2010, and over 200 exhibitors from two dozen countries. For 2011, the Expo will be held in the handsomely restored exposition halls of Tour & Taxis, close to the city centre of Brussels and the Brussels North train station, complete with all modern facilities.

Nearly 90% of exhibitors were “very satisfied” with the quality of the show and the caliber of the visitors, and many have already reserved booths for 2011. Exhibitors include both individual inns and associations of B&Bs, country inns, small hotels, plus national, regional, and local tourism boards. For greater impact, many exhibitors coordinate with area colleagues and/or with their local tourism board.

A survey of B&B EXPO visitors revealed that:

* 80% of all visitors go on holiday at least twice a year
* 72% of all visitors do not attend any other travel exhibition
* 70% of all visitors use the Internet to book their holidays
* 58% of all visitors are looking for special interest holidays (walking, cycling, motorcycling, wellness, etc.)

For 2011, continued growth in attendance and continued improvement in the quality and results of the Expo is assured by increased promotion, newsletters, an improved multi lingual website, additional information for special interest travelers, and a magazine distributed to all visitors.

Why participate? B&B EXPO is the only international travel event for travelers looking for charming holidays in small-scale accommodations. Many travelers book their vacation three months before departure, so the timing is perfect for meeting potential summer guests in a unique and personal way. B&B EXPO organizes campaigns to attract the right public in Belgium and neighboring countries. In addition, interested visitors receive regular newsletters with information about the event, the exhibitors and the sponsors.

Please register by January 31, 2010 to receive your 15% discount. Registration after the deadline is dependent on space.

Just want to attend? Innkeepers get 50% off the regular admission price of 9 euro. Just identify yourself as an innkeeper when you buy your tickets at the expo gate.

More information:

* Details in English
* L’information en Francais
* Auskünfte auf Deutsch
* Informatie in Nederlands

B&B Expo contact information:
Jean Pierre
Vandevenne Sepulkrijnenlaan
15 B-3500 Hasselt, Belgium
Tel. 00-32-(0)11-26.10.49
Fax 00-32-(0)11-24.22.16

Be a featured attraction in the 2011 Nebraska Passport Program

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

To:         Nebraska Travel and Tourism Industry

From:    Christian Hornbaker, Director, Department of Economic Development Travel & Tourism Division

Re:         Be a featured attraction in the 2011 Nebraska Passport Program

Those of you who attended the recent Nebraska Travel and Tourism Conference heard about the tremendous success of the 2010 Nebraska’s Byways Passport Program. In fact, the program was so well received that the DED Travel and Tourism Division is bringing it back in 2011 and opening it up to attractions across the entire state, not just the Byways.

For those unfamiliar with the program, the 2010 Nebraska’s Byways Passport Program encouraged travelers to visit attractions along the state’s nine scenic and historic routes. Participants could earn prizes by collecting stamps at designated stops.

The program received overwhelming support from visitors and the industry. According to a recent follow-up survey, the program dramatically increased visitor traffic to participating attractions.

Visitors said they traveled to places they wouldn’t have otherwise because of the Passport Program. Participants came from 18 states, and 120 travelers (with families in tow) went to all 27 stops, which involved traveling nearly 1,882 miles. In addition, the media attention attracted made it one of our most successful programs.

Every effort will be made to spread the stops across the state. To meet that goal, we are now accepting applications for featured attractions in the 2011 program. Previous passport stops are welcome to apply. We expect a large number of applications, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t selected. We will encourage each location to promote the surrounding area and increase awareness of what else there is to see and do nearby.

To be considered as a featured destination in the 2011 Nebraska Passport Program, please use the application below. All applications are due by 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 19.

Please email your completed application to Public Relations Coordinator Shannon Peterson at If you prefer to have the application in a Word document, send Shannon an email requesting the form.

All applicants will be notified as to whether or not they are selected for the program as soon as the selection process is complete. By submitting an application you agree to:

•             Have your attraction staffed by a person who can stamp passports during your listed business hours as well as highlight things to do in your area.

•             Positively promote the program by displaying materials—such as posters and passports—at your attraction.

•             Purchase the program membership for $100 if selected as a featured attraction. The fee includes the two stamps required to participate and marketing materials to promote your attraction and the program.


Name of attraction:


Mailing address:




Scheduled hours of operation for 2011:

Contact person’s name:

Contact person’s email:

If your attraction is closed (for whatever reason) is there an alternate location where tourists can go to get their passports stamped?

What will your attraction add to the Passport Program?

Summer Tourism Ideas

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


Summer Tourism Ideas

Many tourism locales see the summer months as high season. Prices rise, at times the service is a bit less, and many tourism attractions, hotels, restaurants or transportation systems know that the summer’s receipts will determine the success or failure of the entire year. Furthermore, many locales take the position that once spring has passed, marketing may be a waste of time, as summer vacation plans have already been made. Certainly some areas of the world are heavily dependent on the summer traffic patterns. For example, many beach communities (especially those located in cooler climates) may receive up to 90% of their gross revenues from summer sales. Even non-beach resort locations see the summer as a time of great opportunity. For example, urban areas may view the summer as a time when local residents flee to cooler climates, but may also benefit from visitors seeking a cultural experience (especially with their children) at a time when big city life may be a bit less scary. This summer may also be a challenging one for many locales. The economy is still shaky in many parts of the world, and some people may simply put off a summer vacation or skip this year’s vacation. To help you prepare for summer and turn the year into a great season here are a several ideas;
Tout Being Affordable. No matter where you are realize that people will be looking for bargains this summer. Push everything from summer coupon books to places where one can spend a bit less. Be careful not to push too hard, as that can drive down prices to the point that local tourism agencies cannot afford to stay in business. The trick is to give value mixed with good service. In fact in a down economy service becomes an all-important aspect. Our guests, many of whom are struggling to afford a vacation, do not want to feel that they are anything but honored guests.

Teach all front line people to smile! Closely related to good service is a sense of caring and an open friendly attitude. This is the year to remind all front line people that no job is ever guaranteed. We have to earn our jobs with each guest. All too often the tourism experience has been anything but joyous. There is no better advertising or marketing campaign than a friendly smile.

Do not be afraid of visitors from another country. Follow currency exchange rates, for example, if the euro is expensive against the dollar than Europeans tend to flock to the USA. If however, there is a rise in the value of the dollar, Americans may return to Europe. Remember foreign travelers tend to spend a lot more money in a locale than does the local population. The trick is to make their travel as easy as possible. Offer easy locations in which they can exchange money, print multi-lingual maps and guides and encourage restaurants to have menus in more than one language.

Do not be afraid to promote the long weekend. Not everyone may be able to afford in both time and money a two -four week vacation. These people may be looking for weekend get-aways that start on Friday and end on Monday evening. The other alternative is to have creative midweek special. A may prefer to sell its rooms at 50% or the rack rate than not at all. If the economy is shaky, then focus on attracting people from nearby states.

-Be creative in offering not only stress-free summer vacations but also de-stressing vacations. The current economic situation has placed a great deal of stress on lots of people. Think through how you can facilitate hotel check-in and out, help people to locate locations around the community, and not get lost. One of the reasons that people are often stressed out after a vacation is that travel is no longer fun; be it in a car, airplane, boat or railroad car. Develop ways to make your transportation terminals feel more “homey” and less stress inducing. Do not forget to watch gas prices. While gas prices traditionally rise in the summer months, watch for trends and if they become too expensive use this expense as a creative marketing device.

Market even in the summer months. Not everyone has made summer plans, and there are always those people who are seeking a last minute get-away. Remember that creative marketing this summer may provide you with a list of potential new customers for next summer. Remember that good service is the best form of marketing. Seek the time when media prices are lowest and then blitz selected markets that may become new niche marketing zones.
Create a summer marketing web campaign. The web is a great took especially for last minute travelers. Consider such things as:
– Special summer itineraries
– Special summer web specials
– Divide your attractions by style, location and price
– Directions from any place to any point in your locale
– Lists of what is near-by each attraction, from hotels to restaurants to clean rest rooms

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