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It is not uncommon for our inns to offer specials and packages. If you have a special occasion in mind, or are hoping to travel for a bit less money, it is worth browsing this page. Is it time to celebrate your wedding anniversary? Whether it is your fifth or your fiftieth, a night or two at a romantic Nebraska B&B can rekindle your love. Have you just finished reading a slew of murder mysteries and feel like you are ready to solve one? Some inns offer murder mystery specials, during which you will need all of your sleuthing powers.

Girl Friends Getaways, Spa Retreats, Golfing Packages and Mid-Week Specials are also common. Some offer reduced rates, while others provide special products or services, such as manicures or a bottle of wine in your room. Whenever you are in the mood to travel, be sure to check this page. You may find help in creating a special moment for someone dear to you, and you may save yourself a little money. You can't lose.

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