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Agri-tourism adds a fascinating new twist to travel in Nebraska. Indeed, although farmers and ranchers have always welcomed visitors to their homes, opportunities to participate in Nebraska Agri-tourism are growing every year. This is great news for travelers who enjoy putting themselves in unfamiliar situations. Agri-tourism is a way for city dwellers to wake up to the crow of a rooster on a farm, or to get up close to the livestock grazing on ranch-lands. It is an ideal educational tool – a way for folks to learn about how our food is raised and grown.

The folks who open their homes, farms and ranches to guests are imbued with a strong sense of hospitality. They heave a powerful motivation to be so, for by sharing their way of life with outsiders, they are helping to preserve it. There is a wide variety of agri-tourism in Nebraska, providing visitors a wide range of opportunities. Stay in a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast that serves eggs collected from their own hens, and vegetables grown in their garden. Or find a Nebraska Inns that allows you to help milk the cows, mend a fence, or round up the cattle. Maybe you’ll help harvest a crop, or maybe you’ll simply enjoy the fruits of it.

Nebraska agri-tourism can be an excellent way to restore and refresh oneself, and recover from long hours of work. It can help you view your life in a new light. It can stir childhood memories. Or it can simply be fun. At the same time, it can help sustain a farm or ranch by providing the owners an alternative income.

If you are looking for something different for your next vacation, we hope you’ll consider agri-tourism at a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast.


Nature's Rural Retreat

Phone: 308-486-4091

Enjoy a great rural setting for a relaxing time in the country. Complete with modern amenities but yet providing you with a unplugged experience for you and your family.

Eustis, Nebraska
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Nature's Rural Retreat

Phone: 308-486-4091

Come and stay on a farm that is really much as it was 80 years ago. Enjoy the quit of the past or you can enjoy the modern amenities of today. Barn, house, windmill what more did you need. Nature's Rural Retreat is a destination for you to experience A Prairie Adventure.

Eustis, Nebraska
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Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn

Phone: 308-832-1323

Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn is located in the middle of a working farm. See crops planted in the spring or harvested in the fall. View old tractors and farm equipment. Learn about modern agriculture methods and equipment. Walk through fields of corn and soybeans. Or just sit back and listen to the corn grow.

Kearney (Minden), Nebraska
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My Blue Heaven B&B

Phone: 402-852-3131

Pawnee County has a hugh bison farm where you can go and view the bison and buy bison meat. The County also has a sustainable farm that you can go and view and see how the chickens and cattle are raised and why he is raising them this way. He also sells

Pawnee City, Nebraska
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Prairie Creek Inn

Phone: 402-488-8822

Working farm, complete with row crops and hay season. Come in July and help us put up hay, small square bales, for use at the farm.

Lincoln (Walton), Nebraska
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Gandy House

Phone: 402-862-3278

Just 15 miles west of Humboldt near Pawnee City, there is a bison farm that gives tours. There is also a sustainable farm nearby where you can see how the farmer raises his chickens and cattle. You can make meat purchases from both of these farms. You can click on the Pawnee City website link from the events tab on our website for more information.

Humboldt, Nebraska
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Whispering Pines B&B

Phone: 402-873-5850

Whispering Pines offers a handmaking garden stones workshop, as well as tours on the working farm. Explore our property and you will find gardens and fruit bushes. Nebraska City is home to Kimmel Orchard and The Apple House at Arbor Day Farm, while others such as Mincer Orchard, and Union Orchard are nearby. This summer season there will also be a local Farmer's market in Nebraska City, open May 30th through September.

Omaha (Nebraska City), Nebraska
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Wunder Roost Bed & Breakfast

Phone: 402-794-6969

Lincoln (Roca), Nebraska
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Barn Anew B&B

Phone: 308-632-8647

Historic Barn Anew was homesteaded in 1885 and became a leader in the sugar beet industry.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska
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