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During the 19th century, Nebraska was a travel hub. People on the east coast were moving west, and a good number of them passed through Nebraska on their way. The Oregon Trail passed through here, as did the Pony Express and the Mormon Trail. While some sections of these trails have been swallowed by the land or developed, others remain. The fact that there are nine scenic and historic byways across Nebraska speaks to the fact that travel was – and is – an important part of the state’s identity.

Although parts of Nebraska are still quite untouched, it is possible to travel through all areas of the state with ease. Interstates take the brunt of the heavy traffic, leaving miles of state highways and country roads open for folks more interested in the journey than the destination. 

Perhaps the best way to experience Nebraska is to bicycle through it. Ambitious bikers may well want to ride from one Nebraska Bed and Breakfast to another; but you don’t need to fill your panniers with clothes and have the bicycle be your only form of transportation in order to benefit from this form of travel. Secure bikes to the car and take them with you as you travel throughout the state. Many Nebraska Bed and Breakfasts are located off the beaten path, on quiet roads ideal for biking. Others are near state parks that have miles and miles of bike trails. Still others are along established bike trails.

Like in many parts of the country, hundreds of miles of Nebraska railroad tracks have been converted into trails suitable for bicycles. Some of these trails measure only a few miles, while other cover great distances. You can head out for a long ride with a picnic, plan to ride to the closest winery or restaurant, or simply get in a little exercise before you start your day. After all, when staying at a Nebraska Inn, it is worth having appetite enough to appreciate the delicious, homemade breakfasts.


Prairie Creek Inn

Phone: 402-488-8822

Just 1 mile from the Mopac Trail, and having 2 1/2 miles of trails on our property, bring your bike and ride to your heart's content!

Lincoln (Walton), Nebraska
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Whispering Pines B&B

Phone: 402-205-7003

Steamboat Trace is 5 miles South of Nebraska City and provides 22 miles of trail from Nebraska City to Brownville. There are also plenty of old country roads in our area, with wide-open space and rolling hills- perfect for a bicyclist.

Omaha (Nebraska City), Nebraska
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Wunder Roost Bed & Breakfast

Phone: 402-794-6969

Lincoln (Roca), Nebraska
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