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Bird enthusiasts know about Nebraska. It is easy to include a little bird watching in your Nebraska getaway, or to build your entire itinerary around birds. Many Nebraska Bed and Breakfasts are located near excellent birding spots around the state.

Sandhill Cranes are the first birds that come to mind when thinking about birding in Nebraska. There is fossil evidence indicating that these birds have lived in what is now Nebraska for millions of years, and they are still thriving today. A good place to learn about Sandhill Cranes is at the Rowe Sanctuary in the Platte River Valley, near Gibbon. The Platte River Valley is an essential stopover for the cranes during their spring migration to nesting grounds in the north; the shallow channels and sandbars of the river provides a safe place for the birds to rest, and nearby abundant farmland provides ample food for them. 

Sandhill Cranes are quite social, which makes observing them interesting and entertaining. It is not uncommon to see them dancing together during the day. The best time to view the cranes at the Rowe Sanctuary is usually March and early April, when they are on their way north. On their way back south, the cranes typically fly over the Platte River Valley between September and November; it is unusual for them to linger in the valley, as they do in the spring.

Burchard Lake, south of Lincoln, is a good spot to view fascinating prairie chickens. Those willing to be up before dawn will find the male’s mating dances well worth the effort. A little bird viewing before breakfast stimulates the appetite – and it is always good to sit down to a meal at a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast ready to eat. 

In Northwest Nebraska, the Agate Fossil Beds National Monument is a great spot to view ring-neck pheasants and sharp-tailed grouse year round. Many other species stop here during their annual migration, thanks to the rich wetlands of the Niobrara River. In the Northeast, you’ll want to bring your binoculars to the Lewis and Clark State Recreation Area. Wild turkey and bald eagles are frequently spotted here.


Gandy House

Phone: 402-862-3278

Birding fans can view many different birds along Steamboat Trace Trail which runs parallel to the Missouri River or visit Indian Cave State Park. You can stay with us at Gandy House Bed & Breakfast and ride 30 miles East to Brownville, Ne or Indian Cave State Park.

Humboldt, Nebraska
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Ofts Bed and Breakfast

Phone: 402-614-7509

We are situated in Eastern Nebraska close to I-80 for those birders going to the Platte River for the annual Sandhill Crane migration. Several reservoirs, creeks and two major rivers are within 10 miles for birding. They include the Missouri River, Elkhorn River, Papillion Creek, Standing Bear Lake, Cunninghams Lake, Prairie View Lake.

Omaha (Bennington), Nebraska
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Wunder Roost Bed & Breakfast

Phone: 402-794-6969

Lincoln (Roca), Nebraska
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Wunder Roost Bed & Breakfast

Phone: 402-794-6969

Lincoln (Roca), Nebraska
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My Blue Heaven B&B

Phone: 402-852-3131

Pawnee County has 7 areas where you can watch the hundreds of different kinds of birds that are there. There are 2 lakes, Burchard and Iron Horse that you can view birds and several wildlife management areas that are open to the public. At Burchard Lake there are the Prarie Chickens that can be seen during the months of March and April.You will want to go early out to sit in the blinds and have breakfast later. Come and stay at My Blue Heaven Bed and Breakfast.

Pawnee City, Nebraska
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Barn Anew B&B

Phone: 308-632-8647

Endless bird watching opportunities abound just out the door of Barn Anew Bed and Breakfast. Sitting on our balcony or in our courtyard you will be able to view a large variety of birds. However, the real treasure is just two miles south of the Barn, where you find the North Platte River environment,and 4 miles north of the Barn step into 13,000 acres of beautiful Wildlands. Check out Platte River Basin Environments, Inc., a Nature Conservancy partner at:

Scottsbluff, Nebraska
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Bakers Bed and Breakfast

Phone: 402-426-8909

Only a 10 minute drive to DeSoto Bend Wildlife Refuge and you can enjoy hours of beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife. In their visitors center, they have a viewing area to enjoy all the different species in the area. Take a picnic lunch to spend the day (these can be provided by Bakers Bed and Breakfast for an additional fee).

Omaha (Blair), Nebraska
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Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn

Phone: 308-832-1323

Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn is located in the Central Flyway and is a site on the Nebraska Birding Trail. Great place to enjoy nearby sandhill crane migration in the spring. Over half a million cranes will rest and relax on the Platte River before heading north. Both western and eastern birds visit this area.

Kearney (Minden), Nebraska
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Whispering Pines B&B

Phone: 402-873-5850

Whispering Pines Bed and Breakfast sits on just over 6 acres with over 20 species of birds enjoying the landscape. From the seasonal robins and finches to the year-round blue-jays and cardinals. So, bring your binoculars and come visit Whispering Pines.

Omaha (Nebraska City), Nebraska
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