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Nine Scenic Byways criss-cross the state of Nebraska, making this state easy and fun to explore. Use the byways to plan your travel itineraries, staying at Nebraska Bed and Breakfasts as you make your way around the state.

Travelers along U.S. Highway 75 can retrace the route of Lewis and Clark, who explored 82 miles along the Missouri River at the start of the 19th century. High bluffs afford astonishing views of the river and surrounding countryside. 

The Heritage Highway covers over 200 miles on U.S. Highway 136, through the native grasslands that cover the southern part of Nebraska. You are sure to find interesting Nebraska Inns in the many historic communities along the byway. 

Instead of speeding along Interstate 80, take it slow on route 30 - the Lincoln Highway Historic Byway. Try to spot the few remaining original mile markers on the first transcontinental highway. Look for old wagon ruts and sod houses, left by the European pioneers who traveled here. 

The Sandhills Journey Scenic Byway crosses the central portion of the state on Highway 2. Much of the landscape is astonishing and untouched. Migrating Sandhill Cranes will delight you in the spring and fall. Peel east from this byway on the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway, where you are sure to encounter real-life cowboys

The Western Trails Scenic & Historic Byway heads northwest out of Ogallala towards the Wyoming border. The first people to record their travels along this route were awed by the geology of the land. Chimney Rock will undoubtedly have the same impact on you today.

Relive the thrill of the late 1800’s gold rush on the Gold Rush Byway, in the western part of the state. Once used to transport gold out of the Black Hills, it now transports travelers back in time. It is worth stopping at Carhenge, and looking for Courthouse and Jail Rocks. 

The Outlaw Trail is far east of the Gold Rush Byway. There are no outlaws here now, but many interesting museums and forts to visit. Beautiful state parks afford many opportunities for outdoor recreation. It runs into the Bridges to Buttes Byway, which crosses almost 200 miles of wild, lonely land on U.S. Highway 20. The geology of this land will astound you, from the eerie, rolling sandhills to Toadstool Geologic Park. 


Ofts Bed and Breakfast

Phone: 402-614-7509

We are directly on the Mormon Trail, located just between Winter's Quarters and Elkhorn Crossing. A perfect place to stay while visiting the Mormon Visitor Center, Temple and Kanesville Historical Centers. We are also located on the 7 miles for Highway 75 and the Lewis and Clark Byway.

Omaha (Bennington), Nebraska
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My Blue Heaven B&B

Phone: 402-852-3131

Pawnee City is very close to Byway 136. If you are traveling on 136 you can come south and stay at Bed and Breakfast overnight.

Pawnee City, Nebraska
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Gandy House

Phone: 402-862-3278

Gandy House Bed & Breakfast is a member of Heritage Highway-US Hwy 136 Byway that runs 20 miles North of Humboldt, NE. Byway 136 winds through much of Nebraska history. You will get to view old restored buildings, Civil War Renenactment battles at Pawnee City (15 miles West of Humboldt), riverboat and community theatre in Brownville (30 miles East of Humboldt), many museums, antique shops and wineries. For more information, check the Byway website:

Humboldt, Nebraska
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Ofts Bed and Breakfast

Phone: 402-614-7509

We are located on the beginning of both the Mormon Trail and the Lewis and Clark Byway. Get a good night's sleep and full breakfast before you go explore.

Omaha (Bennington), Nebraska
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Barn Anew B&B

Phone: 308-632-8647

Barn Anew is the hub of numerous byways that will lead you on scenic and historic tours.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska
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