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Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn

Phone: 308-832-1323

Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn celebrates many historical events. In 2015 the family received the AK-SAR-BEN Pioneer Farm Award. The Farmhouse (1886) is surrounded by early farm equipment and Pawnee Garden. Nearby is Ft. Kearny, the first fort on the Oregon Trail. The Burchells, early homesteaders, along with civil war veterans are buried at White Hill Cemetery. Also located nearby are Kearney County Museum, Minden Opera House, Pioneer Village, Archway Monument, and Classic Car Museum.

Kearney (Minden), Nebraska
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Bakers Bed and Breakfast

Phone: 402-426-8909

Blair is home to the Dana Danish Archive Library. A great place to research your Danish family lineage! If you just love history, the Washington County Historical Museum is located just 8 miles South in the town of Fort Calhoun and the remains of the ship, Bertrand, is a featured display at Desoto Wildlife Refuge just 5 miles east of Blair.

Omaha (Blair), Nebraska
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Rice Lodge & Conference Center

Phone: 402-766-3720, 402-806-2174 or 402-806-1075

Enjoy tons of history when you come to Odell's Rice Lodge & Conference Center. This historic 1929 hospital building is completely renovated with modern amenities, but historic charm! View the baby scale on display in which Dr. Rice weighed over 2,000 new babies he helped deliver. Also, on display are medicine boxes and bottles, forceps, 1929 newspapers found rolled up in the wall and many other items of interest. Your family getaway will be extra special in this historic gem!

Odell, Nebraska
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