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The Great Plains of Nebraska conjure images of herds of wild horses, Indians on horseback, and cowboys. Indeed, it is hard to consider the American west without also thinking of horses. We must thank the Spanish for that, for they brought horses with them when they first explored this country in the fifteen hundreds. Native Americans who lived here were enthralled by the horses they saw, and quickly adapted to make the horse an integral part of their lifestyles and identities. Hunting, trading, and the way they engaged in war were all altered thanks to the horse.

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark lead their party along the eastern border of the state over two hundred years ago, and as Americans were lured west by the promise of land, wealth and adventure, many of them passed through and settled in what is now Nebraska. They traveled on horseback and in horse-drawn wagons. Indeed, wagon ruts from that time are still visible in parts of the state, along the old Oregon Trail. Nowadays you can travel by car and stay comfortably in a Nebraska Inn, but you can still experience the thrill of horseback riding in Nebraska.

There are hundreds of opportunities for horseback riding throughout the state, whether you are an experienced rider or a novice. Some Nebraska Bed and Breakfasts offer horseback riding packages using their own horses, or in affiliation with a nearby stable or ranch. Others are located near great horseback riding, making it easy to incorporate a ride into a vacation without making it a central part of your holiday.

Fort Robinson State Park, in the northwestern part of the state, has almost seventy miles of trails to explore. The Cowboy Trail crosses the state, providing over three hundred miles suitable for horseback riding. While Branched Oak Lake near Lincoln has a more intimate setting, with almost ten miles of trails open for exploration. Enjoy a hearty breakfast at a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast, then jump in the saddle and enjoy the ride.


Prairie Creek Inn

Phone: 402-488-8822

Just 1 mile from the Mopac trail, and having 2 miles of trails on 100 acres on our property, Prairie Creek Inn is an ideal location to bring in your horse, park your rig, and explore the area!

Lincoln (Walton), Nebraska
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Whispering Pines B&B

Phone: 402-205-7003

Nemaha County, just south of our inn, offers horseback riding, riding stables, a riding academy, horseback riding clinics, summer riding camps, and the a great horse riding vacation.

Omaha (Nebraska City), Nebraska
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