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Who says hunters need to be uncomfortable? Well, maybe no one said it, but it is true that when most people think of hunting, they think of camping trips, rustic lodges, and cabins. They don’t think of comfortable beds, homemade breakfasts, and all the comforts of home. Yet there is no reason that hunters can’t stay at a Nebraska Bed and Breakfast as they cross the state in search of the perfect prey.

There is one great advantage to staying at Nebraska Inns during hunting trips: you can invite your non-hunting spouse. Think about it. If you are an avid hunter, you will want to devote several weeks or weekends a year to the sport. Sometimes you’ll want to head off into the wilderness with friends, but it’s a lot easier to do that when you occasionally invite your spouse. While you are out at dawn scanning the horizon, your spouse can enjoy a delicious breakfast prepared by the innkeepers. While you stealthily hike through woods, your spouse can visit a new museum or explore the shops in a new town. At the end of the day, you can share stories about the day over dinner. You will both return home feeling satisfied, refreshed and happy. 

Perhaps you can start a new tradition with a group of friends. Gather together couples comprised of hunters and non-hunters, and while the hunters are off doing their thing, the non-hunters can be-off doing theirs. Think of the fun you can have, together and separately.

Many Nebraska Bed and Breakfasts are located close to great hunting, and many are accustomed to hosting hunters. Travel to Nebraska in search of pheasants – as some of the best pheasant hunting in the States is found here. Wild turkeys, pronghorn, and prairie dogs can also be found here, along with a wide variety of fowl. 


Bakers Bed and Breakfast

Phone: 402-426-8909

We are located 20 minutes from Pheasant Bonanza in Tekamah NE...And if your significant other prefers shopping, sight seeing, antiquing, we can make them happy too!

Omaha (Blair), Nebraska
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Rice Lodge & Conference Center

Phone: 402-766-3720, 402-806-2174 or 402-806-1075

Hunters welcome! Many things for spouses and kids to do. Come enjoy! The Rice Lodge & Conference Center is located in Odell, Nebraska. Odell is a quiet, well kept-town in southeast Nebraska. Big Indian Lake & Recreation Area is located just 6 miles East of Odell. The lake attracts hunters, and there is a beach for swimmers and a playground and several camper and grilling areas. There is also a famous archery shooting range. Enjoy the great lake and then spend a comfortable night at Odell.

Odell, Nebraska
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Nature's Rural Retreat

Phone: 308-486-4091

Our sister company Great Nebraska Hunting offers many hunting and fishing opportunities based with a stay at Nature's Rural Retreat.

Eustis, Nebraska
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